Does Epic Content Improves Search Engine Optimization?: Skills2Money

In the last post for the Skills2Money series post we talked about getting business through your website, but since it’s such a long topic it had to be continued…

This is the second part, by the end of these two posts you’ll be able to begin climbing the SERPS with your website and be able to get more customers using these search engine optimization tips.

Now that you understand on-page, off-page search engine optimization (SEO) and how the search engines works, we get learn a little more about social media marketing.

Recently I watched a video by Matt Cutts where he mentioned that Google has started using social as a signal. With more and more people using the “tweet”, “like”, and Google “+1” buttons, social is getting to be a big influence to search engines.

That means your search engine rankings will increase or decrease depending on how popular or good people believe your content is. The more people share something tell Google that your website must be useful or why would anybody share it with their followers and friends, right?