Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups: What Should I Use?

What is a Facebook group?

Some of you might know the difference between the two, but since some of you asked me, I’m going to explain it as simply as possible.

First I’d like to begin with Facebook groups. I participate in a lot of groups and have created one myself. To create a group you can go to facebook.com/groups and then begin the filling in the information about your particular group. You can make your Facebook groups private or public. Make it so that only people can join by requesting permission or just let anyone join your group.

The person who usually open up the group is in charge of administering the group, but sometimes it can be shared with other users, For example, if there’s more than one leader in the group.

Here’s an example of the three different types (secret, closed, open) of privacy settings that you can have:


What is a Facebook page?

This is what they say a Facebook page is…

“Pages are for organizations, businesses, celebrities, and bands to broadcast great information in an official, public manner to people who choose to connect with them. Similar to profiles, Pages can be enhanced with applications that help the entity communicate and engage with their audiences, and capture new audiences virally through friend recommendations, News Feed stories, Facebook events, and beyond.”

Anytime we like or become a fan of a company, movie, band, product, brand or a person, it’s immediately posted on your own profile wall, and whoever follows you knows this (can you see the power of social now). And vice-versa you can do the same with the people you’re friends with.

If want to create a Facebook page this is what you’ll see:


It’s really easy to create one now, Facebook is doing a great job at making it really easy for businesses to create an account. A great resource I found useful to my business was http://www.facebook.com/business. They pretty much help you get started and guide you through out the whole process if you’re just getting started for the first time.

With Facebook for business you can start taking advantage of Pages, Ads, and Sponsered Stories and Platform. These four tools allow you to take your business to a-whole-another level in social.

Who to Choose: Facebook Page or Group

You’re probably still wondering which one should I use, because they are slightly different and a number of factors can help us pick the correct one for you.

Are you a person or a corporation?

The thing with groups is that they’re targeted more for a small group of people. They are set up for a more personal interaction. Groups let you share things with people that you care and have some sort of connection with. In a group you can decide who sees what you share.

On the other hand, pages don’t list you as an administrator, and they’re thought of as an individual, like a business is considered a ‘person’ under the law.

Anytime you post in a group it appears as coming from you and it’s combined with your personal profile. In a page the content created doesn’t have to be linked to you whatsoever.

A big benefit for a business to use Pages vs. Groups is that, pages are actually indexed by search engines while groups are not.

Emails or Updates?

With groups you’re aloud to send email messages of up to 5000 members. Pages don’t have a limit on the amount of fans you want to send an update to, or how many fans you can have.

Control and Privacy

Because with groups you can control who sees your message it might be more beneficial if you only have a group of people you want to share information with. In the permission setting you can manage access and restrict it also. A group is more like your private club only you and your buddies get to participate in.


Pages can host applications, so a Page can essentially be more personalized and show more content. Groups can’t do this.

Spam Control

You can have content removed in case members decide to spam your feed.

Creating Events and Marketing

You can create events on both sides. You can also advertise your groups or pages. Now there’s a new way to do it in Pages with ‘Sponsored Stories‘.

Final Thoughts

Don’t think that I’m suggesting you use one over the other. I think both tools have their plus’s and minus’s. Groups are great on a smaller scale, and  more personal level interactions.

Pages are better when you’re trying to promote a product, company, or brand that want to connect with their fans or customers through social media and don’t want to be connected with a personal account.