Review: Thesis Theme vs. Woo Themes

If you haven’t heard about DIYthemes or WooThemes you’ll find some personal reasons why I like these two the best out of all the blog template systems out there.

As the bloggersphere keeps growing everyday, one thing that comes to mind is: non-technical bloggers and ugly looking blogs or at least unique looking blogs. I do a lot of looking around the bloggersphere over the weekends and I find that some of the new bloggers don’t seem to care about their designs or just can’t afford them.

I want to help change that. If you’re one of those new bloggers looking for a better design for your blog, that really shows who you are I’m going to show you my two favorite template systems. One is one that I don’t yet own because I really like the one I currently have (Thesis Theme),but I hear great things from friends and the other I do currently use (Woo Themes).

Thesis Theme vs Woo Themes

thesis theme

Why I like Thesis Theme

  • I am not a coder (it does all of the coding work for you)
  • SEO is not one of my capabilities (Search Engine Optimization is something that is going to take to learn, why not leave it to the experts, right?)
  • I can get creative with my blog (there’s over 200 million blogs out there, trust me you don’t want to look like every other blog, I like to be unique. Choose how many columns, font, etc…)
  • Support is important (we are living in a world where customer service is important, 24K peole would not be talking about Thesis if they weren’t good)

Why I am getting Thesis Soon!!

  • So my page loads much faster (that way you don’t have to click away)
  • Engage more readers (don’t you hate how some blogs have 8 point font, what if I am old or can’t see)
  • To have control over my design (no more hiring expensive web designers to tweak two things on my blog)
  • It’s in my budget!!

thesis theme review


Woo Themes

woo themes review

I use them and I like them…

  • Because they take the “HARD” out of “HARD WORK” for me.
  • …I can just choose a design that’s already made (I just pick one)
  • …In the back office I don’t have to mess with html, xml, css all those confusing things (I have control)
  • Setting up is extremely easy (1-2-3 and you’re running)
  • Great support when ever I need it (by pro’s)
  • I can say bye-bye to coding and design (all my worries are taken care off, I just write baby!!)
  • I am a beginner and that says a lot.
  • And of course once again I can afford it!!

woo themes

  • Kim

    Hi Wilson,

    I recently made the change and I highly recommend it. Well… I’ve made a few changes — like working with those who most resonate with me.

    I’m happy to witness your growth and positive changes. I check out a lot of blogs too and the themes you talk about seem to be the most eye catching, easy to read, easy navigate and the download with a snap.

    Take care

  • THanks Kim for noticing the good stuff. I think is a mindset of just staying positive and taking as much action as I can.

    I am glad things are working out for you too. That really good to hear. Take care and keep in touch!

  • Thanks for the review, Wilson.

    You helped me choose Woo Theme, from a standart WordPress theme that I currently have.

    • Hey I’m glad it did. If you ever need anything let me know.

  • so who is the winner?
    There is also a pagelines and elegant themes framework, noth look good and are SEO optimized i am really confused which one to choose:)

    • It looks like you already use thesis. I am probably going to be using thesis, but I’m not sure yet.

  • Awesome informative blog post!…

    I love your blog! It was a very nice read.. keep up the good work you are very talented!…

  • Would love to get some feedback on anyone who jumped from Woo to Thesis. I’ve been using Woo for more than a year and very comfortable with it but am considering trying Thesis. I’ve heard it’s more difficult but I have a client it may be a better fit for than the Woo themes. Any thoughts?