Three-Year-Old gives me Business Lessons

The Best Business Lesson from my three-year-old Sister

So this past weekend I’ve been spending with my sisters and my mother, because I have been too busy blogging and starting my business, they were missing me and I was too. Like Gary said in an interview with Jason Calacanis: “Family First”. I agree 100%.

Anyhow, I don’t want to bore you with all the details of what we did; I know that’s not why you visit my blog.

So I was playing around with my sisters with some Nintendo Wii, and I asked the youngest, “So Mia, you want some money,” because we were going to the mall I was teasing her; and out of nowhere she says, “No, I don’t want money, I WANT A VIDEO GAME.” I had to stop for a second and write that down on my moleskin immediately.

Even a three-year-old can teach you business!

Here is the thing, if you don’t understand the context of this message. People don’t want money, but the experiences and freedom or benefits or whatever it is that it buys. In her case she didn’t care if I gave her $100 in cash; she doesn’t know better. She just wanted THAT VIDEO GAME!

Just a few blog posts ago I wrote about a friend that was having problems understanding this concept. I asked him, why do you want to start a business so bad? He said so I can have more money. I said seriously so you just want to swim in your money all day long or count it everyday? He said no, I want to invest it. Still I wasn’t able to get him to say why it was that he wanted to start a business.

Here is the thing, we all want more of a lot of stuff, but if we can’t find WHY we want such things you will never have it. It really is like running around like a chicken with its head cut off, or being on a path with no destination.

I understand this is not something you should apply to everything in life. What I mean is, if you want a Snickers bar, don’t go asking yourself WHY you truly want it. That simple, you are craving chocolate.

What I learned from my sister is that we need to find out What we really want and Why we really want it. I can care less about having a million dollars in the bank as long as I have what I need and I am doing what I want. Why is it that you want to live the Location Independent Lifestyle? Do you want more freedom? Do you like living in other countries? Do you have your dream job? Do you want to be your own boss? Find out WHY you want whatever it is that you want. If you know the WHY the how becomes very easy.