Top Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job in 2010!

Recently I was asked by my mom, why did you quit your job? So I thought that is a question that would be great for a blog post.

But anyhow what I said to my mother was this: I was not happy with my day job, there was no energy or passion in me everyday to go to work, I hated my boss and I just wanted to own and run my own business.

From where I can remember my mom and step dad always told me that I needed to go to college to get a good jobĀ  and get paid really well plus work really hard. That advice did not work out to good for me and I know a lot of people are out there really working hard wanting to quit their jobs, but they can’t because of fear of how to make money without a job. I had doubts too before I quit my job, but when I read 10 reasons you should never get a job it really changed my mindset.

I have researched for the top reasons why you should quit your job in 2010 on Google but I didn’t like the generic advice they gave me so I decided to put some thought on why I believe quitting your job in 2010 is a great idea and how it could benefit you if you did.

One of the top reasons why I quit my job was, I constantly came across a common question in many books.

“Are you doing what you love?”

That question is the what really turned everything for me, because I knew I wasn’t and I knew I didn’t want to work at that job for another forty years of my life. This question will be the best question to answer before you quit your job. Don’t quit your job if you are not sure yet about what it is that you love.

I have noticed in my life that when I am happy I don’t worry about anything and I have no fears, no nothing I just live in the moment. And any time I do something and I am happy things work out perfectly well not always but most times they do. If you are happy now where you are at, then there really isn’t a reason for quitting your day job. As yourself that question many times:

“How happy are you?”

Before I quit my job I really had no idea what I was going to do next. I just knew I wanted to start a business but I didn’t know what business. I was sure that I had knowledge in my niche because I went to college and I worked in the field for 3 years so I just needed to find ways to leverage it so I could get paid. If you have something of value to give or share with the world, there are millions online waiting to pay you in return.

“What is something valuable that I can leverage, something of value that I can share?”

How long have you been getting paid the same amount of money? Are you still waiting for that raise? I was but it never came unfortunately that’s what came with a salary. But the milk keeps getting more expensive and so does the gas. I knew that my goals of becoming a millionaire or whatever wouldn’t come close getting paid $50,000 a year for the next forty years.

“Are you financially stagnate?”

It’s the best time to start your business online and all you need is a $10 investment. Really? that’s what I said. Yes of course there are other things you are going to need to pay for like time…but who doesn’t have time, if you can just stop wasting it like I did watching TV for hours after work. A lot of us don’t even go to bed until 1 a.m. Yes there is great opportunities in this bad economy and if you don’t know this bad economies always make more millionaires than any other times. If you want to quit your job, now is the best time. If you don’t believe all this I am full prove that you can do all these things that you have read in this article and I am one of many that quit their jobs to start their own business. It’s a dream I have always dreamed to accomplish.

“I want to start my own business”

Well I hope you can understand these are my top reasons why I quit my job, I did a lot of research online before I quit my job, but I can tell you all the tips they gave me were crap. I made the decision because I followed my heart and my guts and I think anyone that is thinking about quitting their jobs should not see it as a risk. It is already to be somewhere where you don’t know what can happen tomorrow, I see that as more risky than anything. With this said I hope you really find the answers for yourself.

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