Two reasons why I think people don’t make money online

I’m really curious to know why people don’t make money online right now; the question just popped into my head and I figured this would be a useful post for some of you.

The reason I think I can talk about this is because I myself struggled to make a dime when I first got started. I tried everything out there. Which was actually one of the reasons why I didn’t make a penny for the longest time.

It all starts when you read a book or ebook or maybe a post about how to make money online. Then you either keep looking around the web for other resources. Eventually you say to yourself, “Shit, they’re all saying the same shit,” and you go and buy that $47 product that promises to have the secret.

You read through everything or watch the videos, and still you say, “But it’s the same shit that the other guy said for free.” Yup, that’s how it all goes, and so you then realize you’ve been reading all the right stuff, but you haven’t really been applying anything. You decide to buy a domain name and start blogging about how you’re going to make passive income.

A few months later you know a ton of marketing and blogging information and you decide since this whole affiliate marketing thing isn’t working why not try selling my services. That doesn’t work either. Still months or maybe even a year has passed and you haven’t made a penny online. Why? Why is it that people don’t make money online?

They lack the mentoring or knowledge

Ask yourself this: “Would I build a house without the necessary tools or knowledge?” Hell no! Well, why would you go and build a business or blog without first acquiring some knowledge about it and finding a mentor or joining a beginners course?

When I first got into this business I was all over the place, as I sorta explained in the beginning. There are so many ways you can monetize a site, it’s crazy. Everyday someone figures some crazy way to do it. I tried making blogspot adsense sites at first; I tried writing for sites like infobarrel about stuff I didn’t know shit about, and ehow, squidoo and all those web 2.0 sites. I was crazy enough to try cash gifting, which I regret immensely, but if it wasn’t for that, I would’ve never learned how to earn money online legitimately.

Anytime I receive emails from people asking me what would I do if I was just a newbie and I didn’t know anything about Internet marketing, blogging or niche sites, I tell them to just join some kind of mastermind course. It’s better because at least you get the basics and you have a foundation to go from, when you’re done with it. Unlike reading a new post in some site where everyday a blogger or whatever talks about a different idea and you’re trying to do a new thing everyday.

They don’t have the right tools

When I change the brakes on my car I need certain tools and materials to get the job done. For example: I need a jack, wrenches, brake pads, gloves, hammer, and some other tools I can remember, but I think you get the point. What tools are you using? None? Seriously, you gotta be using something. I’m not trying to say that tools are extremely important, but they are a piece to the puzzle of earning more online.

A tool is only intended to simplify, make more efficient, or provide additional functionality in your journey to earning money online.

What about you?

What do you think is the problem and how can we help those that are struggling? Do you think everything is a scam?

If not, what tools, bloggers, resources have help you succeed in your journey as an Internet marketer?

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  • I love when gurus give you their techniques from 3 years ago like “just send this offer with this subject line to your list!”

    They forget the part about their list is 400k ppl and they also get all their guru buddies to promote for them… oh yeah… you can’t do that.

    But I’m sure their *NEXT* product will work like gangbusters!



    • Jeez love it when I hear that “gangbusters” lol. Yea, it sucks to see so many people fall into their traps.

  • I agree that before you start a new endeavor you need to learn and get the necessary tools. But as someone who has continually looked for that “product that promises to have the secret.” or the right answer I really think it is actually not pulling the trigger that keeps some people frozen. At some point you have to realize you have enough knowledge; make a plan and jump in with both feet!

    • that’s the truth. you need to take action. to take action you need a plan though, like you said. problem with this is that people say, I’m going to make money online. okay??? how are you going to do that, what are you going to do first, do you even know what people are doing to make money?

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  • This is what I’ve learned. Permission marketing. Turn the strangers into friends and friends into costumers. PLUS don’t just sell, learn how to presell and upsell.

    I also acquired that through my own dating advices, girls would not just call you to ask you out you need to be the one who must take charge and lead. Sometimes they also agree but they are just to busy, then you must need to offer it to them again. Offer, offer, offer… with permission.

    p.s. Plus relationships matter, Engage and connect with other people, share what you can share. Seo wise? do it but don’t put too much effort unto it.

  • Joe

    This is a dumb, dead horse argument.

    People don’t make money online because they don’t have anything I want to buy.

    That’s it. End of story.

    • Amazon, eBay and the iTunes store have nothing you want to buy?

    • Or how about

      Losing weight
      Being more productive
      Making money on the side
      Planning out a perfect vacation at 75% off what normal people would pay
      Learning Spanish/French at light speed compared to traditional education
      Understanding your spending/saving habits and optimizing your personal finances


      • There is a critical sorhatge of informative articles like this.

        • I really don’t understand what you mean by this.