WTF is Affiliate Marketing?

My friends don’t understand what affiliate marketing is, do your customers or prospect understand?

No matter how I explain it, my friends don’t get it. I don’t know if it’s my Colombian accent or what, but no matter how I explained affiliate marketing was a mystery. I know that a lot of people don’t understand the simple concept of selling stuff online; that’s why I kind of want to help those who’ve been contacting me for help and everyone that want to learn what affiliate marketing is.

So, what is affiliate marketing?

The easiest way to explain it, or should I say how I always tell people what it is goes like this:

When a company gets other people/affiliates to market their product and pays them commission to sell/promote their product or service.

You can really do this two different ways; create your own product and have individuals help you sell the product or, just sign up as an affiliate for a company and sell their product. I personally like doing the second option, even though you can make more money building your own products.

What products can I sell?

Oh man, you can ask instead, “What products am I not allowed to sell?” When you choose an affiliate network, you’ll find tons of different products and services you can offer; there’s something for everyone.

Is affiliate marketing a scam?

Not at all; the only problem is that some marketers out there are beginning to sell these get-rich-quick scheme products and people that buy them are failing miserably at them. So when these people buy those programs and see no success, they immediately think it’s a scam and talk bad about it. I don’t blame them, and that’s why I want to help change this by being straight up. It’s not easy when you’re just learning how to make money through affiliate marketing.

Where can I find a product that’s not a scam?

You can do it all for free through different forums or you can buy products like the ones that have helped me in my journey to becoming location independent.

Forums I like using:

Products I’ve used:

Besides these five resources I ask others for help and read blogs like Pat Flynn’s,,, These guys are really givers, not takers, in the online marketing world. I think I owe a lot of my success to listening to these guys, and if you’re a newbie you should be listening and applying what these guys say. It will save you tons of money!

P.S: I will make money if you buy one of the products that I’ve listed. Just enough to feet my belly.

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  • It’s a scam! 😉

    I’ve never heard of aBestWeb, I’ll have to give it a look. I’m definitely a member of WarriorForum though…love that place.

    • ha ha! isn’t?

      Yea Jason, aBestWeb is a good one. what’s your username one the WF.

  • It’s “jasonman”. See you there.

  • Thanks for the mention Wilson! Its understandable that people who don’t do internet marketing don’t understand the concept. It comes across as a snake oil salesmen activity because of all the bogus products out there and that fuel the misconception that this line of work is a waste of time. Personally I just don’t spend too much time talking about my IM work offline. If people want to learn, then sure I’ll point them in the right direction, but I won’t spend much time trying to convince them. Its far easier to talk with people who get it than those that don’t. =)

    • Dude, that’s exactly correct. I don’t do it either, but when a friend ask me about it. I’ll try to explain it you know. How is IBM doing?

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