Young Entrepreneur Dele Onibalusi’s Interview

Every week I’ve approaching new bloggers to share some knowledge with us here at wilsonusman dot com, so that other can begin their journey to start their own online business or blog. This week I had the chance to get a hold of a great blogger by the name of Dele Onibalusi. Listen to what he shared with us…

Tell us something about yourself first and something about you got started blogging?

Hi Wilson, I will first like to say it is a pleasure and I am so humbled to be interviewed by you. I must confess this is my first interview online.

I am Onibalusi Bamidele, a 16 year old Nigerian Blogger. I am what I will call a computer geek, I got my first computer at the age of 13. I had been hearing how people suddenly became rich as a result of the internet, I was able to convince my mother to buy me a computer (I lost my father when I was 7).

I started a blog on which I shared technology related things, very soon I began to go into the make money niche and by God’s grace I am where I am today.

What did you do before you started blogging? Have ever had a job?

No, I am just 16, so I am still a student. I am just a student but unlike others, I don’t play around with friends and I hardly watch football. I have even spent 20 hours on the computer at a stretch making me sleep only four hours on a particular day. My interest lies where there is internet

Are you making a full time income or are you at least where you want to be, in terms of money?

Yeah! I am not yet making full time income and that is intentional, I want to work out a great income stream that will not depreciate and that will come in the form of a membership website. I am not presently where I am supposed to be but I am making money online and I am achieving success with my blog.

How did you really learn to blog? Like did you read any blogs or buy any products?

I am self-made, I never bought books. If I manage to get one, I might not even read it (except now that I am growing in the niche – i need to expand my knowledge).

I read other blogs and when I started out I have had the pleasure to be blessed (I mean relate with and learn from) some great bloggers like Hesham Zebida from famousbloggers, the guy is really encouraging and humble and unlike some other bloggers he does not despise you because you are small or so, in general I will say he has seriously impacted my general blogging life.

How long did it take you before you actually started making $1 online?

Well, that was in 2009, It only took days. I am just blessed with some skills, I got 150 visitors to my first website on its first day. My first $1 was with Adsense.

Most people that you talk to online have had a rough beginning, what would you say was the toughest part when you where just getting started?

Wow! I don’t have any of such problem because I can spend millions of hours on the computer if I am allowed, but due to my country (Nigeria) being a developing country I had problem accessing the internet – I think that is my major problem.

If all the blogs online where deleted, besides yours, which one would you want to stay up?

If I am clear, You mean which blog would I want to remain? Mine of course OR if I get you right, do you mean except mine? I will love viperchill to remain.

For people just getting started on their first blog, what’s the best advice you can pass on to them?

Wow! Follow your passion, believe in yourself and learn from those that are there. First class experience is very good and you might not believe that my blog (youngprepro) is about 3 months or so (not my first blog though). Experience is what matters most so learn from those that are there.

Would you ever trade the lifestyle that you have right now for a high paying 9 to 5? why?

I have always said it that I will never work for any man, NEVER! I will never work under another man because I hate being controlled and I have my way of doing things which has never failed me so I would not like another man to come and enforce his on me, I also don’t want to be at the mercy of another man

Would you say their is a way for a new blogger to shorten their learning curve?

It is very simple, Learn from those that are there.

If you had to give one tip that’s unique and useful for a new blogger or person looking to start their online business what would that be?


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Dele Onibalusi is a young Nigerian blogger that is changing the world through blogging. Dele is committed to providing value to his readers and he’s got a lot to learn from even at the young age of 16. At youngprepro dot com you can read his young entrepreneur blog.